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Gangi brings innovation and creativity in watch and jewelry creation


PASQUALE Gangi, the owner of Swisswatch CREATION : GANGI, is offering a huge variety in opulent watches especially for upper class; these MODERN watches are made with precision. This ultra-precision has now been perfected by Gangi after 5 years of product research and development a this ATELIER and introduced into his elegant watch ranges. This is precision in watch making that the world thought is long forgotten.


He is not only the pioneer in bringing innovative ideas in watch and jewelry creation but he has an established name as a researcher that how a company gets a successful manager.


According to Pasquale Gangi, “The question I get most of ten is, ‘How do you intend to move this company forward?’ I do not only grow your company, I strategize the best way to make your company grow, get consumers aware of your brand or product and also work with every workers in this company for a better success.”


Pasquale Gangi has worked in various institutions and companies, and has 30 years of managing experience ranging from PRODUCT MANAGER and DIRECTOR to his current position as Owner and Innovator of GANGI. With unique an innovative idea in watch making, the company is stepping forward in global market under the management of innovative Gangi.


What makes these watches so unique is the complete artistry that isused in every single creation.Time is of the essence in creating elegance, and this is why a new era in time keeping was introduced. What differentiates GANGI watches from others is the MECANICAL movement. This is the essential component of a watch made with passion – precision. The most advanced software was used by technicians in creating the new construction process, which enabled full optimization of the only production line – mechanical caliber with 5 DAYS POWER RESERVE. Gangi has worked hard in maintaining the difference and uniqueness in these watches and jewelry items.


Pasquale Gangi, a native of Italy.

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