Chronométrie 2011 International Timing Competition:
Technotime– Gangi takes third place in the “Tourbillon” watch category.

Technotime GANGI–The test of time


On the evening of October 20th 2011, the second edition of the Chronométrie International Timing Competition celebrated technical expertise and reliability by unveiling the winners of this demanding competition. The “alternative” movement-maker Technotime took third place on the winners’ podium – in the prestigious “Tourbillon” watch category – with its hand-wound in-house made Calibre TT791.50.


Facing up to the stern trials of the Chronométrie competition is in itself a token of audacity and confidence. The audacity to expose a model to the drastic and unequivocally objective criteria of a competition that is universally acknowledged for its neutrality; and the confidence that its calibre will stand up to three batteries of shock tests and to magnetism-resistance test imposed by the Haute Ecole Arc, all validated by the Besançon Observatory and the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). This bold challenge was brilliantly taken up by first-time contestant Technotime.


The challenge


As if to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Technotime – Gangiwon third place in the “Tourbillon” watch category behind GreubelForsey (1st) and Chopard (2nd). While developed with far more modest means than its peers, Calibre TT791.50 distinguished itself by the regularity of its rating. Fitted with a 60-second tourbillon and a twin barrel ensuring a five-day power reserve, this calibre proudly takes its place as one of the most resistant and accurate in Switzerland.

World Premiere in Watchmaking!

ScaccoMatto GMT3


The Pocket Watch of the 21st Century


Alexandra Kosteniuk, the Russian 12th World Chess Champion and Pasquale Gangi, Italian creator, combine to give birth to a big premiere in watch making, an object of art which is at the same time a pocket watch GMT 3 Time Zones and a system of timing of games of chess.


ScaccoMatto GMT3. Checkmate. The watch imagined by Pasquale Gangi got its name since it is directly inspired from the world of finance for its time zones and of from the game of chess. It was born from a meeting between the young Queen of world wide chess, who was looking for an original present for a Russian personality, and the Italian creator, originator of innovative plans.


Next to traditional and well established watch making, there is always place for a creative adventure! Strong in this conviction, both associates manage today to surprise us with their totally new concept, based on a mechanical movement with manual, double barrilletre assembly: a pocketwatch GMT3 witht hree time zones, adjustable retrogressive date by a mono-tappet and indication of the power reserve (120 hours), linked to a system of timing of games of chess, patented. Entirely conceived, developed and produced according to the criteria of the high Swiss watch making.


The aesthetics of the chosen materials, titanium for the first edition, nothing was left aside for the manufacture of ScaccoMatto GMT3, to result in the creation of an object never seen before, impressive, powerful and charged with emotions.


“The world of chess fascinates me. It demands count less qualities from its supporters. It is made at the same time of reflexion and strategy, subtlety and boldness, patience and brutality. It is linked to the world of the powerful, of the leaders. To be able to control a chess game, is to be the master of time! That is what we wanted to express in ScaccoMatto GMT3″, “Iam delighted of the collaboration with the Queen of Chess, who represents at the same time beauty, youth and intelligence, which are qualities which fit perfectl your exclusive and innovative creation” comments Pasquale Gangi.


ScaccoMatto GMT3 is already available on the market. Every single pieceis unique, is signed Gangi and Alexandra Kosteniuk.

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